Where work happens in Sofia

08th of Mar 2022

After moving in…

When Blueberry moved in to its new office in M Plaza, it was just a few empty rooms. We are glad to say that we can finally call the place our own!

Everyone on the team did their part to create a space that’s pleasant yet good for productivity. We even got a few of those leg rests (they’re really good) to go with our chairs. The coffee machine has been making some good brews as well, which is essential considering that the programmer’s job is to turn coffee into code, right?

Of course our ideas are a lot more than the available time, so the office will be put in “continuous development”. Our next goal is to finish our R&D lab. Currently we have a few gadgets there, but we want to make it a proper playground for our clever engineers.

Showing the brand

Our office is situated on the second floor and has a beautiful view of the Vitosha mountain. We found it really interesting that one part of the office also overlooks the lobby from inside. What a great place for a company logo! Now there’s no mistaking where to find the “Berry”.

Lovely staff

There’s definitely attention to detail in the lobby. Passing through there is always a pleasure, especially with all the paintings. The sofas are also good for taking a quick rest and are really comfortable. Not only that, but the people responsible for our security and mail turned out to be really nice. It’s always nice to have a quick chit-chat at the start of your day.

Inside Blueberry’s office

We are very agile when it comes to remote work, however we still spend most of our time in the office. So we make sure to feel at home.

We chose white for our desks as it looks really clean. We also found these really nice office chairs. They’re a bit bigger than usual, but are really comfy.

An important thing we have planned as a next step is to make the office as green as possible. Blueberry takes the issue of clean air to heart and knows how important oxygen is for the work place. There are a few plants that are really good at filtering the air. One of those is the Sansevieria. Interesting fact, it is recommended by NASA as the best plant for air purification!