Case studies

The Problem

The term “Fourth Industrial Revolution” was coined after the increasing use of digital technologies in manufacturing with the end goal of better products and lower costs. Despite digitalization taking place since the end of the 20th century, it is only now that the impact is felt heavily. This can be felt mostly in lowered costs, better efficiency and product yield.

Our client is an established software company in Bulgaria that requires a large office to accommodate their workforce. Because of this their electricity bill is expected to be high. Our client, however, was suspecting that wrong amounts were being billed as the sum fluctuated up to 20% as compared to previous months.

Additionally the client was interested in creating a more friendly office space for their teams. Their primary interest was in tracking the air quality of the office and the effectiveness of the ventilation system.

The Solution

Blueberry offered the mounting of Energy meters for all circuits that powered the office – 4 Energy Proffies. 5 Air Homie devices were also created with a custom shell to match their company identity in the form of a dice.

The Benefit

The client received full transparency of their usage and confirmed their suspicion of over-billing. This was seen from the almost identical energy consumption from month to month. The cloud data allowed them to negotiate better terms with the property manager and ensure predictable energy expenses.

Blueberry’s Air Homies were placed in a few of the office spaces. The quality of life results were especially felt in the meeting room. The device stats led to windows being opened more frequently in order to let fresh air in. This increased productivity, reduced tiredness during the meeting and shortened the length of some meetings.


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