Eurocom Smart Metering

Case studies

The Problem

Digital Investments have been further increasing for the past few years. Europe is one of the main investors with a percent of over 77% in digital factories, followed by Asia and North America, both with 7%. In turn the IoT market in Europe has been growing for years as well.

Our client is a leading player in the Water sector and also offers internet connected water meters. The company has been operating for a time and some of the devices have been recalled due to depleted batteries. The client seeks to bring them back to operational state.

The Solution

We, at Blueberry, boast a strong RnD and hardware team which allowed us to provide Eurocom with a full solution. A team was gathered and working processes were put in place in order to split the work into phases – battery change, cleaning, glueing and testing. For the gluing process our engineers create a self gluing tool to automate this process and exclude manual labour.

The Benefit

The client received their devices fully operational, with a refreshed lifecycle,which boosted their overall ESG rating. Carbon emissions were saved in the process, since the devices were restored as compared to being thrown away and remanufactured. This also helped the client save a substantial sum from their allotted budget.


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