Case studies

The Problem

The interest in IoT is on the rise with vast funding taking place for start ups. For example Alien Technology received 454.9 m. $ in California for their expertise in RFID tech. In Europe, Sigfox received 340 m. $ in France for their innovation in LPA networks. The trend is also present in the increasing number of small companies looking to employ IoT in their business.

Our client is in the business of trading construction and industrial materials and boasts a number of warehouse facilities. The company was looking to receive frequent updates on their usage and lower energy costs in the midst of the COVID crisis.

The Solution

Blueberry offered the client an Energy Proffie monitor, which offers three phase metering and internal backup memory. Our Cloud solution allowed the client to set Alarms for higher consumption and reports.

The Benefit

The client set weekly reports for their energy usage and in turn shifted their processes to reduce peak hour consumption. The archive data of the energy usage also made it easy for the client to see patterns in their usage.


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