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CO2 Footprint Data

Our cloud features make the process of creating a CO2 report for your business as straightforward as possible.

Smart Metering in
Gas sector

Our metering solutions ensure full efficiency and minimze risks through transparency and automation.

Powerful LPWA Network

Our NB-Fi networks provide coverage for over hundreds of km2 and allow a stunning capacity of connected IoT devices.

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The IoT solutions of the future for your home

Take a step towards a more efficient and green planet

CO2 Impact

Our Carbon Footprint statistics help us fulfil our vital roles in tackling climate change.

Home Smart Metering

Our metering solutions come with powerful features such as thresholds and reports. Both crucial for your home safety and proactive resource usage.

Smart Home Automation

Our automation team can add security and efficiency to your life by creating a home that thinks for you.

Capable RnD Team

Our expert engineers and developers are
eager to bring your next idea to life.

Modern energy monitoring for a greener future.

High emissions and poor energy management are a serious culprit to our planet’s future. Moreover, utility companies still present a legacy approach to handling energy grid issues, which in turn keeps operational costs high. Blueberry recognizes this and provides an effective physical and digital energy monitoring infrastructure.

Cleaner air,
more productivity.

Air benefits our bodies and brain by nourishing them. With the increase of brain related activity, clean air is more important than ever. High levels of pollutants or Co2 in our air can cause a wide range of problems that lower our productivity and quality of life. We at Blueberry want to put a focus on this problem by presenting you with our smart air monitors.

Responsible water usage, everyday.

Water is the new gold. Our planet possesses a limited supply of fresh water and requires us to be responsible with our usage. Despite this, water systems face colossal losses through leaks. This can be measured up to 70% water losses in some regions. Blueberry seeks to bring awareness to this problem by providing a solution that allows for predictive remote maintenance.

Safe, responsible and accurate gas metering

Outdated and inefficient gas supply systems contribute to pollution and make resource loss detection a challenge, which poses safety risks as well. These problems remained unsolved until recently, but smart metering is changing this by providing transparency, analytical data, and powerful integrations with other systems.

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    The client was interested in bringing innovation to their facility and had a concrete list of requirements.

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