The Challenge?

While energy from gas is considered green and a step in the right direction, we as people, are far from using our resources responsibly and reducing the carbon footprint. Moreover old equipment is often obsolete and in turn wasteful. With current infrastructure in place it is difficult to locate wastage as that requires manual monitoring which takes time and is costly.

Our Solution?

Our Gas solutions help businesses pinpoint resource usage patterns and in turn allow the identification of wasteful parts of their gas infrastructure. For the home user, this transparency also allows disputing inaccurate gas bills, setting alarms in order to save costs and much more. All of our features can be accessed through our Cloud Dashboard.

Your Benefit.

Tracking down unfavourable patterns when it come to resource usage is an easy feat with our devices. You'll be able to track down faulty infrastructure and react immediately. Moreover our meters also allow for billing flexibility due to our custom tariffs feature. Implementing our features will help you reduce energy costs, streamline business processes and increase your market competitiveness.

Our Devices