Air Homie

Air Quality

Both pm2.5 and pm10, AQI and CO2 all in one device.

Temperature Sensor

Integrated with our alarms and thresholds


Tracking humidity is important to keep your house a good place to be

Realtime Graphs

See how CO2, Humidity and Temperature has changed over a period

Cloud Connected

Unified interface for all our products in the Blueberry Cloud


Can be used with other USB-C chargers

LED Lights

An easy way to make sure the work environment is healthy


Take a quick glimpse at your sensors on the device display


The Air Homie is easy to move around and can be a partner both at home and at work

Advanced Air Metering

The Air Homie boasts a variety of meters and useful statistics:

  1. pm2.5 and pm10 (AQI)
  2. CO2
  3. Temperature
  4. Humidity

We think together for the planet

Blueberry puts a huge focus on creating planet-proof solutions. Join us in the venture.

Blueberry Cloud integration

Monitor all your Blueberry devices in real time, study your historical data, create custom tariffs and much more.
All your data in a single point of interface

Improve your everyday life and enhance every cycle of your business.


Join our App!

A convenient way to keep track of your Blueberry devices on the go.

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