Smart Relay

Smartest Smart Relay Ever

No memory loss

We use Ferroelectric RAM to achieve non-volatility memory without limitations for write cycles. 

Bistable Relay

We use Bistable a.k.a. Latching relay to keep the state despite the power applied to device.  


We have Real-Time-Clock to keep accurate time of day either without having access to internet. This allow the relay to stay capable offline.

Preserved Configuration

We store configuration on the device and have ability to work in offline environment.  

Pair with an Industrial Relay

The Blueberry Smart Relay can be retrofitted with an analog relay in case higher current capabilities are needed.

Or use on its own

Our relay can handle loads of up to 10 A and is din mountable.

Other Benefits

Weekly Schedules

Set a date each week to turn on or off your appliance.

Remote Control

Can be controlled from the Cloud app or web app.

Day/Night Schedules

The relay’s built in clock, means cycles can be followed even offline.

Threshold Integrated

Our relay reacts when conditions are met from other Blueberry devices

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