Billing system

Versatile, integrated, extendable

Key featured of Blueberry’s billing system

Save time when billing your tenants/clients and streamline your business processes

Automated Periodic Billing

Blueberry Device Integrated

Add/Remove Tenants

Cover Niche Cases with Cost Centers

Easy to Use App

No need to bill? Just Create Reports.

Include Prepaid Fees

Personalised for your businesses’ locations

We understand the specifics of each country’s administration and can adapt the system to your needs

Blueberry Device integrated

  • Energy Proffie X

    Energy Proffie X

    Our most advanced monitoring solution – EyeEnergy Matrix was conceived with the industry in mind.

    Learn more
  • Pulse Modem

    Pulse Modem

    The Pulse Modem is our solution for gas and water metering. Nb-Fi ready, extremely durable and with a long operating lifetime

    Learn more
  • Energy Proffie

    Energy Proffie

    The Energy Proffie is a three-phase monitor with a versatile range of applications, all of which are fit for its precision.

    Learn more
  • Dais-Software

    Case Study

    Our client was suspecting that wrong amounts were being billed for electricity and was interested in creating a more friendly office space.

    Read the study

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