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What are scope emissions?

There are three scopes of emissions which depend on the “owner” of these emissions and turn what level of control they have to change them. For example scope 1 emissions come from the direct operations of the company. Scope 2 are indirect which are resources consumed by the company. Both 1 and 2 are considered within reasonable control of the company and in turn easier to change. Scope 3 are not mandatory to report, as they involve external process, but can still have a very large impact.

Scope 1


  • Building onsite energy use (e.g., heating)
  • Building refrigerants
  • Owned and leased vehicles fuel consumption

Scope 2


  • Purchased electricity, steam, heating & cooling for own use

Scope 3


  • Purchased Goods and Services
  • Capital goods
  • Upstream and Downstream Transportation & Distribution
  • Business Travel (incl. Remote Working)
  • Employee Commuting
  • Leased Assets
  • Waste Generated in Operations
  • Investments

Accessible CO2 reporting

Carbon footprint reporting is not only important for the planet, but gives your company a competitive edge.

Our reporting service makes this process as straightforward as possible. If you are using our Blueberry Smart Metering devices the report process can be further automated.

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A continuously developing Carbon Report

Emission tracking is a fairly new requirement for the business world and constantly adapts. We follow these trends and make sure to keep our software up to date.

Group your locations for easy of reporting

Emissions reporting works great with your smart facilities. Our cloud allows you to segment your businesses or locations in order to allow a more streamlined reporting experience.

See all past reports

The reports archive allows you to easily open past reports for your different facilities or businesses.

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