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A greener future starts from our homes

Why track CO2?

If we are to address the problem our planet poses and reduce carbon emissions, advanced CO2 tracking is crucial. We all play a vital role in tackling climate change and reducing the temperature of our planet.

In device CO2 impact insights

All our devices from our Energy line help you manage your carbon footprint

  • Pulse Modem

    The Pulse Modem is our solution for gas and water metering. Nb-Fi ready, extremely durable and with a long operating lifetime

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  • Energy Proffie

    The Energy Proffie is a three-phase monitor with a versatile range of applications, all of which are fit for its precision.

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  • Energy Homie

    Easy to set-up, easy to use – Energy Homie can’t wait to become a part of your home

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Cloud statistics for each of your Blueberry Devices

Also have a business?
Generate a free CO2 report

Many businesses are on the path to net zero. European legislation regarding business CO2 reporting is also catching speed.

Want a start-to-finish IoT solution tailored for you and your business?

We are here to help you mange resources efficiently, optimize your work processes, increase the safety of your workers and much more.


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