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Future-proof Digital Industrial Solutions

Next-level technology for your industrial business for better effectiveness


Ignition is a fully developed and battle-tested tool trusted by thousands of companies across every industry in their Digital Transformation journey.

Blueberry Cloud

Blueberry Cloud is fully integrated with SCADA through OPC all while providing features on top such as custom tariffs, thresholds, reports and much more.

Industrial Automation and Management Solutions based on



Blueberry Smart Meters


Improved Productivity

Cost Reduction

Easy Operation/Maintenance

Environment Friendly

Our Capabilities

We can help you control your industrial processes.




Our Smart Meters are feature-packed and industry ready

We continuously improve our devices not only in regards to their digital capabilities, but also as hardware. All our professional Smart Meters are easy to install and a breeze to maintain.

  • Air Homie

    The Air Homie is one of the most versatile air meters on the market. An especially great friend when it comes to air health and quality.

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  • Energy Proffie X

    Our most advanced monitoring solution – EyeEnergy Matrix was conceived with the industry in mind.

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  • Pulse Modem

    The Pulse Modem is our solution for gas and water metering. Nb-Fi ready, extremely durable and with a long operating lifetime

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  • Eurocom Smart Metering

    Case Study

    The client was looking for ways to bring back smart water meters, with depleted batteries, back to operational state.

    Read the study

Want a start-to-finish IoT solution tailored for you and your business?

We are here to help you mange resources efficiently, optimize your work processes, increase the safety of your workers and much more.


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