Smart Home Automation

Enhance the comfort of your home

Integrated Solutions for Smart Home



Blinds, awnings, curtains

Audio systems

Home cinema


Smart Intercom Integrated

In tackling business challenges like enhancing productivity and resource efficiency, smart intercom solutions have come into play, bringing together voice, video, security, access control, and more.

Thresholds and Alarms

Alarms not only give you immediate alerts based on possible irregularities, but can also be linked to Blueberry’s Smart Relay.

Voice Assistant

It’s way more fun with Siri, Alexa or Google in the house.

“Alexa what’s my water consumption for today”

Blueberry Energy Homie in your home

Our devices can’t wait to become a part of your home. That’s why they come with simple and clear instructions to get them up and running in a matter of minutes

Connecting it to your network is easier than ever before with our on-screen guide.

Want a start-to-finish IoT solution tailored for you and your business?

We are here to help you mange resources efficiently, optimize your work processes, increase the safety of your workers and much more.


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